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Saturday, October 29, 2011

MEDICAL - How cholesterol clogs your arteries (atherosclerosis)


entries kali nie rhn nk share mcm mne cholestrol ade kt dlm arteries(salur darh merah) ...dan akibat nyer..

dalam video nie rhn bkn nk takot2 kalo x takot, x sedar kn..heheh, the show..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obesity Among MALAYSIAN

bismillah..nie raihan buat yh nk copy2 cgt k..! nt aq antr virus!!!

As we know, obesity is a worldwide disease that has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) .Obesity is defined as an excess of adipose or fat tissue that can produce adverse health effects. Obesity now occurs among Malaysians and it is the no.1 ranking of Asian Pacific problem. According to recent statement by the Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (2010), overweight and obesity among Malaysians needs urgent attention again illustrates public ignorance on the problem. The Minister pointed out that the prevalence of adult obesity in Malaysia from 1996-2006 had more than tripled with four out of every 10 Malaysians above 18 years of age are now being either overweight or obese. There are several causes of obesity, such as lack of exercises, eating habits and imbalanced diet.

Firstly, is the lack of exercise. Malaysians nowadays are too ignoring about healthy lifestyle that plays a significant role on obesity. They are too busy with their work and do not have much time to do some exercise in the evening. Furthermore, they are having their stressful life and as a result, they decide to eat. They also have dinner with their client every day. There are currently at least 60% of the world’s population gets insufficient exercises including Malaysians. In addition, Feasibility Study in Minority Populations unhealthy eating habits, physical exercise and macronutrient intakes are predictors of anthropometric indicators in the Women's Health Trial (Bhargava & Guthrie, 2002). In addition, Malaysians attitudes that are too lazy to have an exercise also make them become obese. They have yet to realize the importance of exercise. Children and adults today spend their time in front of television during their pleasure time. For example, the mass media today has its own attractive program to attract children to watch television in the evening. In other case, parents also do not allow children to play outside, they usually ask them to stay at home and watch television.

Secondly is eating habits. Malaysian’s nowadays like to have dinner after nine in the evening. This is because they are too busy with their work and tend to have late dinner. In their mind, they always think that dinner is less important than breakfast. Besides that, they also have a simple life by taking a lot of instant food. They do not know that instant foods are high in chemical and low in nutrition. Malaysians have yet to realize the importance of nutrition that is 70% of the body needed. Moreover, Malaysians today like to eat hawker food. As usual, they take lunch or dinner or even breakfast outside. There are a lot of calories and besides, the hawker food is not clean (Cassell & Gleaves, 2006).

Thirdly is imbalanced diet. As we know, people are not exposed to the right way to diet. They tend to take the wrong way to diet. While on diet, they tend to eat only bread. Whereas the bread is the best storage of fat and one bun of bread equals to one plate of rice. They also think that water can make people get fat. But, in fact, water is 70% needed by our body, and it is good to have 6 litres of plain water every day to clean our body. Then, lack of protein occurs if the problem is not solved. They are not exposed to the power of cellular nutrition food that is rich in protein.

As a conclusion, there a many factors that causes obesity among Malaysians. We should proud to be Malaysians in peaceful, but, do we know that a large number of Malaysians are suffering their life because of the obesity burden. As a result, we have to focus on the imbalanced diet, eating habits, and lack of exercise as the causes of obesity among Malaysians.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

when burden?

entries kali nie rhn mmg btol2 menekankan ttg cholestrol dlm mklom lar..Malaysia OBESITI NO1...woooaaaaaahhh! unbelieveble...should we proud of it? nk tgk bpe rmai agy rkyt malaysia mati all about obesity?relize that Malaysians nowadays ignore3 about their it burden 4 everybody?absolutely YESSS!

Lemak dlm artery

gmbr2 kt ats nie u should conclude urself..what type of artery are u?ble blood x ley nk flow abes dlm artery..risiko utk jantung press drh utk slruh bdn amat,conclusion,,,jntung akt break!hahaha..paam kn mksudnyer...
 OMG! OMG! OMG! look at that litter child....soooo cute...SHUT UP!its not cute! it is unheatthy...! subahanaAllah...tlg la sdr..ksian knk2 nie bg mkn sesuka aty...ty...dri knk2 nie gak yg tersekse..n trbeban...nk ke ank korg kne heart attack?! diabetes?! n died just like that???safe the generation.... :"(
cholestrol artery
unhealthy heart!
Tgk balik jntung korg cm ner...?smakin diri kiter mmbesar, semakin kecik jntung kiter..smakin bnyk lemak dlm jntug, semakin trsekat darh utk flow..conclusion..heart attack..sayangi jantung anda...

same ade korg nk plih jln idop yg sukar dgn take all the drugss in ur entire life...or...NUTRITION...?
just compare it..nk sukar...or senang...?nk healthy of unhealthy..jgn pilih jln suffer 4 urlife.....RENUNGKAN...

pilih utk jantung anda..n 4 ur future...healthy is IMPORTANT!
compare it..yg sedap itu BAHAYA..!
sayur2 nie amt bgs sekali.. :)

OK....da abes story psl making the worlf tgk lak sape Herbalife Sponsor..hahaha...

 Athlete Malaysia...?wooooaaahhhHH!!!!! nie bru btol2 best...ape nie?athlete pown mkn mknn nutrition..?to perform well?btol2 gemppak nie..sape x knl pemain bola brkmbr kn..rase x yh nk mention name..yg pnting..herbalife company mnuman brkhasiat yg taje dia..! utk sehat..! dats all...



event! event! event!


lame sungguh x updated blog..arini rhn nk update psl event..waaaahhhh!!!! herbalife cgt best!company yg x pnh tingglkn distributors die sndiri merangkak2..mane x nyer mcm2 event herbalife sediakan..just ikot flow je..kalo kiter g event die, kite dpt bnyk3 cgt solution for biz, dpt bnyk3 cgt psl informtion about product n pling best dpt tgk result org yg gmpak2..huu..

abg bob
gambar nie di ambil mse kt event baru2 nie..abg bob nie d turun 62KG 11 BULAN..sebelom nie pemakanan die 1 ari seekor aym..gler gmpak..! pastu berat sblom nie 150kg..just bg a good nutrition 4 our body j..breakfst nutrition, launch nutrition, dinner nutrition..mmg best cgt2..time nie bst gler sbb ade fatin, nad, im, dayya, anip, aida...ramai org baru yg hadir time nie, excited n truje bile tgk muke dorgg yg cgt2 comeyy nk tawu more about herbalife...

kak yati

yg gmbr nie lak kak yati..da tron 42 kg dlm mse 2 bulan..ape yg kak yati buat just dgr ckp cooach..herbalife coach x  kn tngllkn ank2 nyer yg nk change their life..pling best herbalife ajar about LOVE.. i as a PERSONAL WELLNESS COACH..akn sntiase mnjge baby2 yg bru nk brjinak2 dlm herbalife,, :)

dlm event yg nie plak excited truje lbh sbb sye bru QUALIFIED SUPERVISOR..mmg mnjadi insn yg luar biase n lain dari yg lain..sape sangke rhn yg dulunyer pemalas..skrg build up my own bizz..masyaAllah Allah bnyk tnjukkn rhn jln tok troskn usehe n smbung usehe papa...ok...da mnyimpang..hahaha
lets talk about event...!
setiap event yg aq dtg lain2 input nyer..sbb speaker lain2 kerenh..n input n skills yg lain2 tu lar yg mmbuat kn aq n kwn2 bnyk2 belajr...

supervisor recognition
gmbr nie di ambil time abes event..personal recognition from my upline Uwais Atiqah..she the greatt teacher i ever had..teach me about how to love to make people happy.. n how to change peoples life..i luv u akk..!...
i think dats all..nmpk custmer2...rhn nsihatkn selalulh ikot rhn g event...cuz event change everything...berbeza cgt custmer yg pgi event ngn custmer yg x g event...sekian..luv u all...salam...

Friday, April 1, 2011

1st,2nd,3rd,4th, n 5th?

entries kali nie..tak lain dan tak bukan just coretan semate2...ape yg rehan nk kongsi kali nie ialah..
prubahn hidup rhn bermule pde 16.3.2011...
rhn nk decide idop rhn..
better n better n better...walaopape pown halangan n rintangan n dugaan, rhn akn ttap ubah idop rhn..rhn nk jd INSAN LUAR BIASA..
yg tak ade pde student lain, yg tak ade pde org lain..
berbalik pd tajuk entries rhn :
1st, 2nd,3rd,4rd, n 5th...
1st :
<Allah>...rhn ubah dlm idop rhn ialah rhn mngubah hala rhn yg selame nie di jln yg serong kembali ke jalan yg benar..iaitu jalan Allah..."sesungguh nya Allah itu mengampunkn dosa2 hambanya"...ape yg rhn dapat ialah hidayah, magfiroh, ketenangan hati, jiwa emosi, dan rhn mndapat sesuatu yg rhn tak pnh dpt..iaitu pelukkan erat dari Allah...setiap dugaan yg rhn hadapi skrg, lbh senang rhn tangani..Alhamdunillah..
setiap pgi amalkn ayt seribu dinar nie...dan rase sndiri keajaibannyer...

<family>...keluarga yg terchinta..segala apa yg rhn lakukan ialah utk arwah papa, mama, n adk2..stiap ape yg rhn niatkn, semuanya untuk mereka..stiap ape yg rhn lukiskn dlm hidop nie, adlh utk mereka semata2...pde siape je dieorg nk bergantung kalo bkn rhn..kalo rhn tak berjaya dlm hidop...mereka pown tak berjaya...
kalo rhn tunjukkn contoh yg tak baik..mgkin mereka pown jadi tak baik..ape yg rhn harapkan dgn adk2 rhn ialah..KEJAYAAN mereka..itu lah satu2 nya kebahagiaan rhn..kesenangan rhn..n kegembiraan rhn...ape yg rhn nk sentuh dlm jiwa mereka ialah.."boboy,yaya,afiq...kejayaan tak akn tercapai kalo kita tak menjadi INSAN LUAR BIASA"...rhn cgt mencintai mama,papa,boboy,yaya,n afiq... trima kasih kerana memanggil rhn dgn panggilan "AKAK..."dri citu rhn dpt rasekn aura tanggungjawab rhn...<3

<study>...pelajaran ialah kepentingan ke tiga dlm hidup rhn...n segulung ijazah adalah untuk Allah n Family semata2..untuk kesenangan mereka...mungkin ape yg rhn ingin kn tak bak kate cik ama rhn "dlm idop nie tak semestinya ape yg kita nk kita dpt..."..mmg rhn minat cgt dlm bidang sains,farmasi,,Allah dah tntukn rhn dgn jalan nie..Diploma Sains Komputer...mgkin ade hikmah rhn dpt kos nie..n ape pown ketentuanNya dah mnjadi tanggunjwb rhn utk meneruskan rezeki yg Allah bg nie.."Allah tak kn bagi pilihan nie kalo rhn tak mampu"..nie lah yg rhn pegang selama msti mampu dan msti boleh hadapi kos nie..seterusnya..DOA n TAWAKKAL...itu lah perisai n kekuatan hidop rhn...

<Herbalife>...knp rhn plih herbalife...sbb..herbalife lah rhn ubah idop rhn dgn mndkatkn dri dgn Family n Allah..Herbalife banyak menyedarkn rhn ttg kekuatn doa..Herbalife lah yg mngajar rhn utk menolong org..mgkin bkn masenyer lgi tok buat part rhn tak susah skrg..rhn tak akan senang esok..impian rhn mgkin akn jadi mimpi tanpa Herbalife..n  mgkin akn tinggal angan2...Herbalife bnyk mnceritakn ttg kejayaan org yg LUAR nk jadi mcm mereka yg LUAR BIASA..bkn rhn tak pentingkn yg rhn tegaskn kt dlm entries no 2nd..semuanya utk family..mgkin ade yg tak paam..hanya Allah yg tahu niat sebenar rhn knp rhn pilih Herbalife...n Alhamdunillah..Allah sangat2 memudahkn ape yg rhn pilih..Thank You Allah...

<someone>...ape yg ade ngn 5th?...seseorang yang BERKUALITI..mksud entris nie ialah..teman hidop rhn akn dtg..rhn nk yg berkualiti..yg same2 impikn kejayaan,pentingkn ape yg rhn pntingkn..moge rhn ditemukn jodoh dgn insan yg berkualiti..agama,akhlak,sahsiah dan mind set n mencintai rhn setulus n sepenuh hati...percaya lah...bercinta selepas kahwin itu nie tak terisi lgi..n sdg dlm penantian..smoge ape yg rhn harapkn mnjadi kenyataan dan diredhai Allah......AMIN...

so...the lesson is...ape yg rhn pentingkn kt cnie..ALLAH,FAMILY,MENJADI INSAN LUAR BIASA DAN KEJAYAAN...
semua nie bermula dari DIRI SENDIRI...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

impian yang akan jadi kenyataan

hidup n mind set aq brubah pas je aq g STS HERBALIFE..kt Times Square...
time tuh tak tahu knp...yg aq taw..spanjang idop aq g event aq tak pnh mnangis...
n tetibe, event nie jiwe n rage aq tersentuh..
mcm tak caye j kn..

itu lh hakikatnyyer..
so...sjak dri tuh aq decide nk ubah idop aq...
aq nk dpt ape yg aq impikn slame nie..
aq nk jadi mcm dorang yg berjaya dlm idop..
aq nk jadi "INSAN LUAR BIASE"'...
arwah papa pnh pesan "akk jage famili nie..."
mgkin bnde tuh mghantui aq spanjang idop aq..
sbb tuh aq slalu nk buat yg terbaik..
n slalu nk di pandang tinggi oleh famili n org2..
kiter enjoy...!!!!
eh, bkn..
tuh quotes aq time dlu2..time pkir nk enjoy je..
skrgg tak aq..
skrg my new quotes is..
lets do it!!!
just do it!!!
pape pown rntangn aq akn ttp wt HERBALIFE sbhagian dlm idop aq..
aq nk change people life...!
dri O.K...
"bkn senang nk touch people heart"..bak kate coach aq..:kak Uwais...
...diam tak diam da dkt 3mnggu aq jadi Distributor...
n average income 300++
so..lps duit BB..
lps duit mkn..
duit topup..
n yg pling best gler....!!!!! dpt result custemer yg gmpak..
bayg lar..
custmer aq yg 1st, tron 2kg in 2 weeks!
yg lgi 1..tron 4kg in 3 weeks!
yg lagi 1...naik 1 kg in 2 weeks!..
waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! miracle..
sonok ble tgk custemer pon epy sbb da ubah idop org n capaikn impian mreke nk tron brt badan...ermmm....
tersentuh hati nie...
btol lah org kate "kalo kiter dekatknn diri dgn Allah, Allah akn tlg kiter,Allah akn lindung kiter, Allah akn permudah kn sumenyer utk kiter..." syggg Allah.............
tiade yg lain selain Allah dalam hati aq..
trime kasih Allah sbb bagi pluang utk hmbamu ini buat perubahan dalam idop...
so...bisnes yg aq buat nie tak berat pown..just gune Herbalife, pakai button Herbalife, n share kt org cerite..
crite ape??
crite aq lar..
nk taw???
dlu brt bdn aq 69.4kg..
slalu mgrain..slalu ltih naik tron tngge..slalu senggugut yg tahap mximum punyer cmpai tlan ubat priod pain 2bji bru sok kne agy..hahaha..cmpai cngkung2 bwh meje..cmpai pning2...
then spare tyres ta yh citer r..
mmg blambak..nk2 kt pehe,blkang punggung, n bakang bdn..n lengan..
suar jin jgn citer r...saiz 36 beb..kalah bapak aq..celulite kt kaki berlmbk sbb lmak yg brlebihan..!
kalo pkai tdg..pipi nie terkeluar dri tudung...huhu!
tp...5month amek Herbalife,
 average tron 11kg! skarg brt aq 58kg...
migrain ilang...senggut ilang..
naik tron tngge pown da tk mengah...bole snyum lgi!,hahaa...
spare tyres da tade,,bdn aq pown da reshape..(oh kebaye!bole ku pakai !)
hehe...suar jin da sain 33...bju dri xl, jadi m..
heheh...n celulite da tade...!muke da reshape!!!
sume improve!!!..
time kasih ALLAH,time kasih HERBALIFE, time kasih COACH(uwais atiqah)

n skrg....roomate aq sume amek herbalife...we are..the HERBALIFE ROOMATE!
...pagi2 bole shake same2..n care idop sihat same2..!
thank u Allah...
Herbalife.. i <3 u
sebenarnyer sume tak taw...HERBALIFE nie popular cgtttt!!!!!..korang tgk j lar gmbr2 nie sume..n conclude sndiri..even DAVID BECKAM pown mnum shake! n pakai bju HERBALIFE..

so..ta yh risau pasal produk HERBALIFE nie..mmg slamat..
n try searh kt NYSE..HERBALIFE is a top listed as the BEST NUTRITION product! lgi...nk ckp...